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Maths Toolkit | L1 for Grade LKG & UKG


This kit is the perfect fit for a young child learning about concepts such as counting & comparing numbers, number bonds, even-odd, addition, identifying patterns, shapes and sorting them by color & shapes.
The fun and innovative activities are designed by expert educators.
They aim to develop the young child’s motor and cognitive skills.

The kit can be used by students of Grades LKG & UKG.

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Maths Toolkit | L2 for Grade 1st & 2nd


The Maths kit contains tools for math activities. It includes Rangometry,
Ganitmala Small (100) with Maan Cards (3 Digits) & Sau (100) Rang ki Khoj /
Searching for Hundred. The kit can be used by students of Grades 1st & 2nd.

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Maths Toolkit | L3 for Grades 3rd & 4th


This toolkit contains Taming the Tables, Maan Cards (6) & Fraction Kit.

The kit can be used by students of Grade 3rd & 4th.

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